Investment Philosophy

Barns Financial Services Pty Ltd has a highly academic based investment philosophy. It is based on the following principles:

Markets are Efficient

This value is based on Modern Portfolio Theory that suggests that over 90% of your investment return is determined by your actual asset allocation. Based on this principle we recommend investments that typically will have reduced investment costs, lower taxes through a reduction in trading and typically a lower risk (volatility) for the investment returns that your portfolio achieves.

Risk and Return are related

This principle is based on three equity factors that are critical in determining your investment structure:

Market Risk: Shares have higher expected returns than fixed interest investments.

Size Risk: Smaller companies have higher expected returns than large companies.

Price Risk: Lower priced “value” investments have higher expected returns than higher priced “growth” investments.

By using these factors when determining your overall portfolio typically a higher return is possible while not increasing volatility within your portfolio significantly.


We believe that to build a successful portfolio, you do not need to time the market, or take speculative risks, instead we recommend maintaining a constant asset allocation in line with your appropriate risk profile, through upswings in the markets and the downturns. Combining this structured investment philosophy with lower transaction and ongoing costs means that these portfolios have provided increased value for our clients in the past and we believe that it will continue to do so into the future.

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