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Barns Financial Services is an privately owned and operated organisation. Being self owned and self licenced and free from ownership to financial institutions we are able to provide our clients with the best service with the best product available. Our aim is to provide a Financial Planning and Wealth Management Service that prides itself on honest expert advice, helping our clients create wealth and maintain, protect and preserve your wealth for the future.

You can be rest assured that the advice you receive is of the highest quality with all our advisers attaining the Certified Financial Planner designation, the highest educational qualification in the financial planning industry. In addition we require our financial advisers to be members of the Financial Planning Association which has its own compliance regime in regards to ethics and quality of advice.

At different stages of our lives we have different priorities, responsibilities and financial goals. Barns Financial Services are available to meet any changes you might face by regularly reviewing and meeting with clients keeping you informed of opportunities that present themselves and changing strategies to suit your requirements.

Life has its own surprises, we understand the need to be available and to have a hands on approach when your circumstances change. At Barns Financial Services our clients know they can contact us at anytime to discuss their investments. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, attentiveness, foresight and protection for your future, so you can be confident of the care of your financial future.

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Investment Philosophy

Barns Financial Services Pty Ltd has a highly academic based investment philosophy. It is based on the following principles:

  • Markets are Efficient
  • Risk and Return are related
  • Market Risk
  • Size Risk
  • Price Risk
  • Diversification

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